Buck Agency Consulting offers professional and proven guidance to insurance agencies that will result in a higher profit margin by focusing on these three areas:
  • Differentiation
  • Automation
  • Maximizing Internal Resources

Buck Agency Consultants will help insurance agencies increase profits, expand opportunities, and increase the overall value of an agency. We will be with you step-by-step in thoroughly assessing your operational book of business and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of that book. We will assess your agency’s structure identifying operational improvements in the areas of time management, personnel management, and automation. We will be accountable for the implementation plan we develop.

Buck Agency Consultants can also help insurance agencies in all stages of an acquisition or sale. When navigating through the complexities of selling your business, Buck Agency Consultants will bring unparalleled experience to any negotiation and deal. From helping to determine the value of your agency to contract negotiation, we will help you facilitate the most advantageous price and conditions.

Whatever business you are in, it is going to commoditize over time.
It is going to devalue. You have to continue to move it to a higher value.

Let us help you grow your agency into a valuable asset.

There are two types of insurance agency owners, 
the first focuses on building a book of business;
the second focuses on building a business.

Buck Agency Consulting will show you how to add value to your business by differentiating your firm from its competitors.

Buck Agency Consulting helps you build a business.

Our Experience Shows!