Buck Agency Consulting offers professional and proven guidance in several areas of agency management that will result in a higher profit margin.  We will help you in three major areas:

        Maximizing Internal Resources

Buck Agency Consulting can also help insurance agencies in all stages of an acquisition or sale. We will be with you step-by-step in navigating the complexities of selling your agency. From determining value of your agency to contract negotiation we will provide valuable assistance to you during every stage.


Buck Agency Consulting will help you to differentiate your agency from being a typical agency offering the same products as everyone else with price being the only difference. We will help you revolutionalize your agency and will show you how to use a different product that will provide solutions that no other competitor will have in your area.
We will help you focus on the customer by bringing, not a commodity, but a new and exciting alternative that will bring real value to the client and help you stand apart from the competition.


The average insurance agency utilizes less automation in its operation than the average business. Paper files result in inefficiencies of agency personnel, lack of immediate service to the client, duplication of efforts by multiple people and exposure to Errors & Omissions claims by having items fall through the cracks. By implementing automation processes that allow your insurance agency to go “paperless" you will maximize service to your clients, reduce the need for more staff, increase accuracy and limit your exposure to Errors & Omissions claims.

Buck Agency Consulting will provide:
  • Automation evaluation (hardware and system utilization)
  • Automation recommendation
  • Implementation plan